Ever wondered what the best time of the year is to have your filler treatment (say if it is an annual or one-off in a lifetime treatment).

Is there a better time of the year than any other? Many practitioners we have spoken to recommend the months between December and March are the best times. Here’s why..

Between the shortest month of the year and time when the clocks go forward again, you will notice the tilt of the earth produces a lower sun levels in the sky that set quicker during these colder months. Less sun exposure means less harmful ultraviolet rays that can sometimes interfere with the healing process.

Sunscreen is often ruled out before and after treatment to enable your skin to be less subjected to foreign chemicals which can hinder the healing process.

If you do have your treatment during the summer, remember to protect your skin and stay out of the sun. We all know that excessive sun exposure is the main cause of wrinkles, melanoma and other skin problems, even on the healthiest skin.

Secondly, who wants to be stuck indoors in the summer, when the weather is bright? Having your treatment in the winter means you can enjoy your fully-healed results outdoors in the Summer, whilst looking your best! Recovery time in the winter is easier to deal with, especially when we all like to be tucked up indoors in the warm.

Thirdly, although the holiday season can be a time when we are still recovering from expensive indulging of gifts, it may also mean an affordable time for treatments. Holiday bonuses and Christmas gifts can mean we actually have a cash boost during the post-Christmas months.

Don’t forget to spend some money on yourself. Buying gifts for everyone else, can often mean we naturally end up neglecting ourselves. So wrap up that present or box of treatment and put it under the tree ready for the big day when you make your way to the treatment centre.

Lastly, the new year is a time of rejuvenating and reassessing how to improve our looks. New years resolutions can mean a better you and having a fresh start with a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance, can mean you are ready to embrace 2020 like you never thought possible!

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