We all crave that fresh healthy glow, but whilst some are born with it, others have to work a little harder at achieving it. Botox is one of those life’s little secrets which can help many of us achieve that healthy glow we all long for.

Skin can present many problems for some of us and none of us. Whether it’s breakouts, pigmentation spots, sagging and wrinkles. Having the right toolbox to combat each one of these comes with research and having the knowledge of where to go. Filler Experts is the one-stop store for many women and men, worldwide, who need that quick solution to address their skin.


The secret to many people’s good looks is in fact Botox. Dermatologist offices all around the world use Botox more than any other product. Patients walking out of a Dermatology practice look fresher, glowier and less tired. Not a frozen look, but just one that reduces the appearance of unwanted lines.

If your practitioner has an incredible imagination and artist’s eye, then even the most nervous first-time patient will be impressed with what results can be achieved. Research on choosing the best is vital.

Let’s face it, some people just have that personal magnetic warmth that makes us feel at ease.

An experienced practitioner will have a toolbox of knowledge that expands with time. Getting inside their beauty closet will be well sought after!

So whilst we know that Botox is one of the most sought after treatments globally. We must not forget one of the basics of all time….


By applying this religiously, we can already diminish the effects of the sun for years to come. 90% of ageing comes directly from sun rays. At Filler Experts, you will find a wide range of sun protection products.

What else is popular on the globe right now?

Laser Resurfacing is also becoming a popular treatment choice for many. It makes skin look healthy whilst stimulating the inner immune system of the skin. Healing and improving skin texture, lines and pores is essential.

Avoid Hot Showers

Don’t let your skin dry out with a hot shower, or bath, even if its too tempting too take either. Always moisturise skin after you get out, especially whilst skin is damp, as this will trap moisture inside the skin.

Chemical Exfoliators – yes or no?

Remember it’s all about how much pressure you apply. More sensitive skin needs to be cautious.

Chemical exfoliators are brilliant at turning over the deeper layers of the skin to make your skin texture brighter and pores cleaner.


A good workout can push out all the bad toxins from the pores, but


Use these internally and topically on a daily basis to minimise the chances of free radical damage to your DNA, especially after significant sun exposure and if you are now in your forties

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