It’s no surprise that millennials are driving the UK market in aesthetic procedures. In a study of 1030 adults aged 18 and over, 84% said they have had cosmetic treatment or considering it within the next year. Whereas only 28% of adults over the age of 35 would consider it.

When we look at the number of young qualified nurses diverting their careers towards the exciting sector of aesthetics rather than being on ward-watch all day, what is it that draws them into the cosmetic field?

Voluminous lips are on trend currently (well haven’t they always been)? An increasing number of young women are recommending the procedure to their fellow mums and Instagram is certainly spreading the word. If you like one aesthetic account, the chances are you will get their competitor come running after you with a Follow, in the hope you will Follow them back too!

Well, isn’t it like that in every industry? Yes it is. (You like a kitchen company’s account on Instagram and the same thing will surely happen.)

Going back to the topic we’re focusing on, with lots of young women focusing on their vermillion borders and philtrim columns, word is getting round. Images of their before and after are being circulated on WhatsApp groups and no-one wants to be left behind.

Everyone wants to look beautiful.

There is no going back. Women with lip fillers will want to keep them forever.

There are aesthetic practices sprouting up on high streets north, west and south, and the procedure is as normal as having a dental check-up. A lot has changed in the last 5 years. Young nurse practitioners have caught onto the demand of aesthetic procedures and are there to fulfill it, whilst our role at Filler World’s is to fulfill their stock demands. It’s a team effort to supply the nation with fillers.

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