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Filorga Art Filler Fine Lines with Lidocaine 1ml
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Filorga X-HA Volume is used to correct wrinkles and restore facial volume instantly, laboratories Filorga innovate with the first cross-linked hyaluronic acid versatile, X-HA®.
Filorga X HA Volume is a highly effective dermal filler for treating fine lines and wrinkles.
Hyaluronic acid volumizing implant to redefine facial volumes.
X-HA Volume contains hyaluronic acid which is a natural part of tissue repair in the body, making it ideal for providing a natural approach to anti-aging with long lasting results.

2 Sterile syringes pre-filled
2x 1 ml
4 sterile needles 27G1/2

Filorga X-HA Volume is packed in a box of 2 1ml-syrines to better adapt volume to the necessary corrections: 1 to 3ml if needed.

Resorbable monophasic implant
HA:23 mg/ml highly cross-linked acid hyaluronic acid and polyvalent non-animal
High molecular weigh (2,5 millions Da)
Proteins (ppm) :8,7
Réticulation BDDE (ppm) : 0,53
Graduation de réticulation: ++++
Its viscosity is twice as high as x-hA3®
Endotoxins (EU/g) <0,05

Tampon phosphate q.s. pour un pH à 6.8-7.4.
Osmolarity (mOsmol/kg) :291
Origine: biofermentation

Filling of deep surface wrinkles, facial contours and volumes.
Filorga X-HA Volume is indicated to restore volumes of:
Cheek-Cheekbones-Chin-Face oval-Temporal area
Improve natural curve in lips
Improve volume of cheekbones without any surgery
Restore volume in the chin and temples too.

Filorga X-HA Volume can be injected in deep dermis .
Inject into cheekbones to give them volume and enhanced shape, whilst improving your overall facial contours.
The gel can be sculpted into the desired tissues to reshape the face contours.
Dermis and medium profond.

-HiGH viscosity
X-HA Volume® has a very high viscosity to resist to deformations and create volume.
X-HA Volume® is twice as volumizing as X-HA 3
-Easy injection
Thanks to its high viscosity, Filorga X-HA Volume can be easily injected with a non traumatic needle.


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